Budget and Finance

Annual Proposed Budget

Adopted Budget Meeting Notification

Annual Adopted Budget

Revised Budget

  • These documents are prescribed by the Arizona Department of Education and Office of the AuditorGeneral. A.R.S. §15-905 (E.)

    The revised budgets for Avondale Elementary School District may be viewed by clicking on the links.

    2023-2024 Revised Budget 

    2022-2023 Revised Budget

December Revision Meeting Notification

Annual Financial Report (AFR)

Annual Financial Report - Comprehensive (AFR-C)

  • This report is presented as required by the Arizona Revised Statutes and includes a comprehensive report of the District’s finances. The financial statements have been audited as required by Heinfeld Meech & Co., P.C. A.R.S. §41-725

Auditor General’s Classroom Spending Report