• AESD COVID Information

Requirements for In-Person Instruction

  • For families that selected in-person learning, please ensure you complete our health checklist daily prior to arriving to campus.

    If your child is experiencing any of the symptoms described here, please stay home. 

Current Benchmark Data for AESD

  • AESD's first day back of school is Monday, August 8, 2022 for all students. AESD will return to in-person learning. 

    For families who wish to remain in remote learning, our Avondale Virtual Innovation Academy is the latest option. For questions about AVIA, please email us at AVIA@chooseAESD.org


  • *Data as of February 3, 2023

    Covid risk level



    For information on finding our metrics from Maricopa County Health, click here.



Pool Testing Results

  • Updated February 3, 2023

    Pool test results

AESD's Plans:

  • It is essential that we have ALL students and families complete the Healthy Verify student checklist BEFORE coming to school. It is the responsibility of every parent to affirm the health and wellness of their children daily and if symptoms arise, following the protocol to return to school. Please click here to review our health checklist and process.

    According to the Maricopa County of Health and our Healthy Verify protocol, if your child has any of these above symptoms and/or is sent home from school with these symptoms, they will need to stay home from school for a 5-day isolation period. 



    Reminders for our community

    Navigating through a worldwide pandemic is a community effort. We all have to do our part in ensuring that we keep each other safe and healthy. Please remember to social distance and monitor yourself if you come across any COVID-related symptoms.  Mask wearing in public is strongly encouraged. If you are sick, please stay home. 

    As well, It is important to remember that we want to ensure a true picture of our community is reflected in the testing data. This means that it is important to have community members (adults and children) who are not symptomatic get tested regularly. Copper Trails is still offering free drive though testing. Additional resources are available and can be found here.




  • AESD will monitor the data as it is released on Thursdays. The data will be posted on our website weekly.