• Mrs.Molina


    Welcome to our class!  I am excited for this brand new year and can't wait to help your student learn.  We will be learning all sorts of new and exciting things.


    Meet Ms. Molina


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  • Email:  tmolina@chooseAESD.org

    Class Schedule

    7:35     Writing

    8:25     Interventions

    9:10     Specials

    9:50     Fundations

    11:00   Lunch

    11:35   Reading

    12:35   Recess

    12:50   Math

    1:40     Fundations

    2:20     Science / Social Studies

    3:00     Dismissal

    Helpful Websites

    Google Classroom: assignments posted and students turn in assignments; feedback given

    Class Dojo: behavior tracking and communication tool

    SeeSaw: students post work

    IXL: math and reading practice (https://www.ixl.com/signin/centerra)

    Zearn: math practice that goes along with our math program (Class Code: WJ3R9U)

    Prodigy: math practice game (Class Code: BF8C6D5)

    Epic: an electronic library (Class Code: cxb4717)

    For login information, please contact me and I will email it to you.


    The students in our classroom are expected to follow the PBIS school rules.  They are to be respectful, responsible, and a problem solver.

    Our classroom uses a behavior clip chart.  Every student starts out the day Ready to Learn (green).  They move up or down depending on the choices they make.  Where a student ends the day on the clip chart is recorded in ClassDojo.  Each part of the clip chart is explained below.

    Outstanding (pink):  This level is reserved for extraordinary behavior and will not be given out loosely.  This is special.  Students receive a gem on their clip when they reach this level.

    Great Job (purple):  This level is achieved when students have made several good choices throughout the day.

    Good Day (blue):  When students make good choices and try their best, they move to this level.

    Ready to Learn (green):  This is where students start each day.  This is an acceptable level to stay at.

    Warning (yellow):  Students move to this level as a warning that they need to follow the classroom rules.

    Think About It (orange):  If a student moves to this level, I will choose an appropriate consequence.  This could be a time out, a loss of recess, a loss of privileges, or whatever is logical for the choice.

    Parent Contact (red):  If a student reaches this level, I will make contact with the parent.  This could be through ClassDojo, email, or a phone call.  An appropriate consequence will also be assigned.


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