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Avondale Middle School

  • Avondale Middle School   

    6th-8th grade



Centerra Mirage STEM Academy

  • Centerra Mirage

    Preschool - 8th grade



Copper Trails School

  • Copper Trails

    Preschool - 8th grade

Desert Star School

  • Desert Star

    Preschool - 8th grade

Desert Thunder School

  • Desert Thunder

    Preschool - 8th grade

Eliseo C. Felix School

  • Eliseo C. Felix

    2nd - 5th grade

Lattie Coor School

  • Lattie Coor

    Headstart - 1st grade

Michael Anderson School

  • Michael Anderson

    Kindergarten - 8th grade

STAR Academy

  • STAR

Wildflower Accelerated Academy

  • Wildflower

    Preschool - 8th grade